Page views from the world in 2005

The US seems the clear winner with 32%, but if you count the European Union in the same way (adding the numbers instead of splitting between "states") it's not. Germany, France and Italy have been increasing and the whole EU now counts for more than 40%. (The Americans were however the first ones to discover the site and have always been supportive, without American viewers it probably wouldn't have existed today...)

Other countries with increasing numbers: China, Spain, Switzerland, Poland. Some Arab countries have also started to appear in the last months: Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon. I hope to see more visitors from there as the internet connectivity increases, as well as China of course.

Norway is only # 8 - which goes to show that it's difficult to become a prophet in your own country ;-)

Considering this is a non-commercial project with no corporate or federal backing, it's amazing how many have actually found these pages!

Nice Thai feet from the Thailand gallery.

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