Big traffic increase in 2005

Barbeint's Barefoot Art Project is more popular than ever and saw a substantial increase in both the number of visitors and the pageview* count in 2005.

827,000 pages were looked at during 2005, up from 657,000 the previous year, that's a 25% increase. The number of unique visitors was 114,000 (they visited the site 143,000 times). As you see to the right, the biggest increase was late in the year, and it's still strong in 2006. You can see the current stats of by clicking this "OneStat" icon on the bottom of any page:

In 2002 the visitor number was 62,000.

*) Pageviews is the number of pages opened in one year, and is counted by the excellent free service (maybe the biggest internet counter out there, often referred to by media when referring to web traffic).


Which countries?

The Western world is of course over-represented, as computers and broadband is more common, but the rest of the wold is quickly catching up. The interest for feet is indeed not a "Western" phenomenon as you can see on the list from 2005 - click on the picture left (only the 60 top countries are listed).

Operating systems and browsers

With such large numbers it's also possible to get an idea of which computers are being used on the internet (as opposed to "market share" which only shows what's being sold). As expected Windows is still on top though down 1% which goes to the Mac (up to 6% from 5,2), Linux has climbed a couple of decimals, WebTV is going down. Most of the Mac increase was in the last months of the year.

A bigger difference is on the browser side: Mozilla/Firefox climbed heavily at the cost of Internet Explorer. "Apple" means Safari in the browser graph, up to 3,4% from less than 2% in 2004 (many old macs still use Internet Explorer), and the Norwegian-made Opera has finally reached 1% (up from 0,6 the year before). "Others" are probably smaller Linux- and Mac browsers.


The counter registers countries, operating systems and browser types (but don't panic, it can't see who you are). If you turn off "cookies" in the browser, it won't see anything (and registers the country as "others"). This site doesn't have pop-ups or spyware, so no records are being made except the normal ones that all websites and ISPs use to track the popularity of the pages.