SneakerSex Summer Camp at the Repten Ranch south of Berlin, August 2000
After filming their movie "SneakerSex 2000", Oliver Lück and The Luxure Productions staged Europe's first summer camp for sneaker-
and foot lovers. Next year they made another camp, even more successful... See more about Luxure and the Sneaker-videos on their homepage.

KortBaks SneakerBusx OliverLx
Info about the camp Oy in front of he SneakerBus (Oliver inside) Ah, Oliver has the hottest soles...
OliverLeg OlivierX Baalet2x OyHorse2x
...and is driving the bus. In sneakers, of course. Olivier Sox from France BarBQ at the campfire Barbeint riding, barefoot of course
BarbBerlin SneakerS1x OrgyX
Oy resting A small "orgy" in the barn ... Back to Galleries