Me on the balcony, and you there, looking at my feet... ;-) View from my flat in Oslo. More pics HERE...

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A barefoot art project since 1995

  • What's this thing about FEET? It's one of the most common and practical "deviations" out there (and judging from the number of visitors here, quite popular!) I suspect most people are "abnormal" in some way or the other...
  • This does not mean that I (or you) don't have other interests or fantasies. But imagine a world totally without feet: How boring - not to mention all those men walking on their hands!
  • If you read Norwegian: here is an article I wrote for a gay magazine, on feet and what's so interesting about them.

Why do I make this site?

  • To be honest, I started this site in 1995 just to practice web editing and learn to use graphics on the internet. I've always had a sweet spot for the male foot and didn't find other sites about it, so I decided do make it a "theme" to explore for a while. After some months the number of visitors went through the roof (and has now reached almost a million (since the recent counter was started in 1997) - so I understood there is a real need out there for this kind of site.
  • I've made it into an art project, to try out new ways of presenting the male foot in photos, videos, drawings and other types of graphic art. Part of my eduction is graphic arts and painting (The Oslo Art Academy). I know other artists who make art projects out of far more limited subjects... Lately I've restarted my former career as a musician which I missed for a long time. But I still try to update the site in-between gigs and recordings.
  • It's free. As a non-profit project it's free as long as I can afford to. The ads (like the ones to the right) generate a few cents for each click, which I hope will be enough to pay for the server and domain.
  • One last thing: DON'T MAIL ME about models' email or address! The guys who want to be contacted already have their mail address on the pages. This is an art project, not a contact agency.

Increasing number of visitors

Take a look at the statistics page! It's amazing to see how nearly all countries in the world are represented. You're not alone in finding something of interest here...

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